Teaching and Learning in Adult Education has been designed to provide an introduction to teaching and training in a variety of contexts. It provides the knowledge and understanding required by teachers or trainers in the further education and training environment including the roles and responsibilities of teachers or trainers, the planning and delivery of sessions, assessment methods and record-keeping.

6.1: Principles of Teaching and Learning

Learner will be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of an educator and the methodology of teaching and learning in education and training.

6.2: Teaching and Learning Resources and Assessments

Educators will be able to demonstrates an understanding of the different types of teaching resources to enhance the teaching and learning experience and the different types and methods of assessments in conducting and recording assessment of progression and achievement.

6.3: Planning and Delivering to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training

Educator will have the ability to show how to plan, use inclusive teaching and learning approaches and select appropriate teaching and learning resources and assessment strategies, to communicate with learners.